Telangana Recruitment For The Post of Academic Inspecting Officers 2017-18

Post Name:  Academic Inspecting Officer

Number Of Jobs:  145


Supervision and inspection are considered to be the major planks of any strategy to improve the quality and standard of school education. The National Education Commission (1966), while analysing the reasons for the breakdown of super- vision programmes in most states, stressed the need for introducing the new system of supervision in our schools. The commission considered this as one of the main problems in the reform of school education.

The traditional concept of supervision and ins- pection was authoritarian and rigid and did not include the element of professional guidance to teachers. The modern concept of supervision and inspection is more scientific, professional and demo- cratic in character and methods. The term supervision, accordingly, implies professional leadership by the head of the institution and senior teachers of the school in addition to similar guidance from outside supervisors. It is a dynamic function involving and stimulating the teachers while evaluating their performance with an ulti- mate view to improve the entire teaching-learning situation. Supervision, as such, involves demonstra- tion teaching, observation lessons, organisation of seminars, meetings and workshops, guidance in the preparation of institutional plans etc. This is, however, the ideal situation. In fact, it is the inspecting officers who supervise class room instruc- tion by virtue of their position in the educational administrative set-up. This also involves rating and indexing of teachers, finding out whether toe school has the prescribed number of qualified tea- chers, noting the state of the building and mainten- ance of accounts and records, looking into the observance of departmental rules and regulations, following the prescribed curricula and syllabi, proper utilisation of grants by private schools, and protec- tion of the rights of teachers serving in them.

Eligibility: Who Are Working In The Educational Institutions And Retired Persons

Age Limit: No Age Limit

Location: Telangana

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