Office of the Collector & District Magistrate Results

Organization: Office of the Collector & District Magistrate

Exam: Stenographer, Stenotypist, Asst Gr-03, Driver & Peon (DV List)

Year Of The Exam: 2017

Result Type: Selected Candidates

Click Here To Stenographer, Stenotypist, Asst Gr-03, Driver & Peon Results

About The Organization:

The reported history of the District of Diu starts with the Maurya manage (c. 322-220 B.C.). Ruler Chandragupta Maurya had expanded his matchless quality over Saurashtra and had selected Pushagupta as Governor of the area of Saurashtra with the Head-quarters in town Girnar close Junagadh. Yavanraj Tushappa managed over Saurashtra as Governer of Emperor Ashoka (c.273-237 B.C.). Head Ashoka had sent Yavana Thero named Dhammarakhito as evangelist toward the western ocean board including Diu. His grandson Samprati (c. 229-220 B.C.) appears to have controlled over Saurashtra from Ujjain. He engendered Jainism and raised numerous Jain Temples. The Jain customs from Diu appears to have a place with this period.

The District is by all accounts under the manage of Indo-Greek lords Eukratides (C. 171-150 B.C.), Meanandar (C. 115-90 B.C.) and Appollodotes II of the first Century B.C. to about A.D. 50. Amid first Century, the region appears to have been controlled by Kshaharatas who had set up their govern over western piece of India including Saurashtra. For more than the following thousand years, Diu shaped piece of the kingdoms of traditions that ruled over the western India including Gujarat. The last lord of the Vaja line leader of Somnath Patan managed over Diu in the main decade of the fifteenth century. From that point, Diu went under the control of the Muslims Sultans of Gujarat who seen to have ruled Diu for the following one and a half hundreds of years.

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