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Web Designer

Location: Kolkata

Job Description:

  • We are searching for a capable Web Designer to make stunning client encounters.
  • The perfect applicant ought to have an eye for spotless and sly website composition.
  • They ought to likewise have prevalent UI plan aptitudes.
  • The fruitful competitor will have the capacity to make an interpretation of abnormal state necessities into communication streams and relics.
  • They will have the capacity to change them into excellent, instinctive, and useful plans.



Appears to be quite evident that you require configuration to be a website specialist. However, what this incorporates with regards to the advanced domain may be unique in relation to what you anticipate. For this situation, outline standards are what sets the look and feel of a site. It ranges from extents to typography, lattice frameworks to shading hypothesis, and it’s your opportunity to delve into making disposition sheets and sort pecking order and trying different things with web textual styles and shading palettes.

  •  UX

Here come those interesting contractions! UX remains for client experience, or how individuals feel (quiet, disappointed, and so forth.) when they utilize a site. Obviously you need the clients of your locales to feel as glad as a puppy frolicking in a field of dandelions!

To do that, you’ll inquire about your clients and make “personas” (profiles of nonexistent perfect clients). You’ll lay out the pages and substance with a site delineate. You’ll make sense of the way clients go up against your site in client streams. For instance, do they generally click straight through to web-based social networking? Or, on the other hand would they say they are quite recently searching for contact data? Furthermore, you’ll assemble wireframes to outline out the key parts of every site page.

  •  Plan SOFTWARE

Like any craftsperson, to do your work, you’ll have to the correct instruments. Also, feeling comfortable around the business measures will be useful regardless and basic in numerous. While planning a webpage should be possible appropriate in a web program now, instruments like Photoshop and Sketch are ones that all fashioners use for essential parts of their activity like making mockups, outlining resources, for example, logos and pictures, and obviously adjusting and upgrading photographs. In this way, you ought to get them in your tool kit as well.

  •  HTML

You won’t not have envisioned that a website specialist would need to code. Be that as it may, these days, it’s a normal aptitude for most plan employments. Also, hello, it’s a truly simple approach to get your tech on and really manufacture sites without any preparation! HTML remains for HyperText Markup Language, which is the coding dialect used to put content on a website page and give it structure. That implies it’s the means by which you transform a group of words into features, sections, and footers. Furthermore, it’s additionally how you get the “cool” substance like photographs, recordings, and designs on a site.

  •  CSS

And after that there’s HTML’s accomplice, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is the code that advises programs how to configuration and style HTML for a website page. As it were, it’s what makes all the content and other substance look great. With CSS, you can alter the hues, change the textual styles, or include a dazzling foundation – thus considerably more! This is the place your eye for configuration truly sparkles and how you can put your imaginative stamp on each site you make.


While you can code up your plans utilizing just HTML and CSS, in the event that you can likewise program utilizing JavaScript, you’ll have a gigantic leg up against the opposition. JavaScript enables you to take static components on your webpage and make them intuitive—think: Twitter encourages that refresh naturally, sites that appear to be unique when you’re signed in, picture sliders, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Since you have the outline and tech part down, you just need to add some administration to keep yourself sorted out and successful in your website architecture work.


Regardless of whether you go independent or work for an organization, you’ll have to remain over your calendar and your tasks to be a champion website specialist. This can mean becoming more acquainted with profitability applications like errand records or timetables or, particularly in case you’re in a vast association, learning venture following devices like Trello or JIRA. Whatever the apparatuses, acing the craft of organizing and following your work will be basic for your prosperity (and rational soundness!) in the bustling universe of website composition.

  •  Correspondence

Keeping in contact and expressing what is on your mind are likewise should have abilities for a creator. You’ll be staying up with the latest on the advance of their tasks in addition to pitching thoughts and clarifying your manifestations. What’s more, you may even be approached to do some copywriting or altering for destinations, particularly in case you’re running your own one (wo)man shop. Along these lines, lock in on your written work and you’re talking, and you’ll make certain to express what is on your mind in each circumstance.

  •  Search engine optimization/MARKETING/SOCIAL MEDIA

The range of abilities of SEO (website streamlining), promoting, and online networking may appear as though it’s implied more for a sales representative than a website specialist. In any case, since the Internet is the way such huge numbers of organizations offer today and since you’ll likewise need to offer your website specialist abilities (when you’re searching for a vocation or for independent customers), you should wrap your head around them, as well. Notwithstanding knowing the nuts and bolts of each and remembering them for both customer and your own destinations will get you far in your website specialist travel.


Also, as a worker or as a consultant, understanding all that really matters will enable you to ensure you or your organization is productive and feasible. You don’t need to backpedal for your MBA, however you ought to have a thought regarding the objectives and funds of your manager or your own particular business so you can utilize them to direct your work. What’s more, in case you’re outlining specifically for customers, you ought to have an arrangement for ensuring that your income and venture accumulation are both sound and feasible in the short and long haul.


  • Execute all visual outline stages from idea to conclusive hand-off to building
  • Conceptualize unique web composition thoughts that convey effortlessness and ease of use to complex barricades
  • Make wire frames, storyboards, client streams, process streams and site maps to impart association and plan thoughts
  • Introduce and shield outlines and key expectations to associates and official level partners
  • Set up and advance plan rules, best practices and norms


  • Demonstrated work involvement as a website specialist
  • Self evident visual computerization abilities with a solid portfolio
  • Strong involvement in making wire frames, storyboards, client streams, process streams and site maps
  • Capability in Photoshop, Illustrator or other visual plan and wire-confining apparatuses
  • Capability in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for fast prototyping
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum improvement process
  • Superb visual plan aptitudes with affectability to client framework collaboration
  • Capacity to take care of issues innovatively and adequately
  • In the know regarding the most recent Web patterns, methods and innovations
  • BS/MS in Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design or a Visual Arts subject

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