District Child Protection Unit Results

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Organization: District Child Protection Unit

Exam: Office-in-Charge, Counselor & Para Medical Staff (Viva Voce List)

Year Of The Exam: 2017

Result Type: Shortlisted Candidates

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About The Organization:

‘Kid Protection’ is tied in with shielding kids from or against any apparent or genuine peril or hazard to their life, their personhood and youth. It is tied in with lessening their helplessness to any sort of mischief and securing them in unsafe circumstances. It is tied in with guaranteeing that no youngster drops out of the government managed savings and security net and, the individuals who do, get vital care, assurance and bolster in order to bring them once again into the wellbeing net. While assurance is a privilege of each kid, a few kids are more powerless than others and need uncommon consideration. The Government perceives these youngsters as ‘kids in troublesome conditions’, portrayed by their particular social, financial and geo-political circumstances. Notwithstanding giving a sheltered situation to these youngsters, guarantee that every single other kid additionally stay ensured. This is on account of Child assurance is vitally connected to each other right of the tyke.

Inability to guarantee youngsters’ entitlement to security unfavorably influences every single other right of the tyke. Accordingly, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) can’t be accomplished unless youngster assurance is a fundamental piece of projects, techniques and plans for their accomplishment. Inability to shield kids from issues, for example, brutality in schools, youngster work, unsafe customary practices, kid marriage, tyke mishandle, the nonappearance of parental care and business sexual abuse among others, implies disappointment in satisfying both the Constitutional and International duties towards kids.

The National Charter for Children, 2003 embraced on ninth February 2004, underlined the plan to secure for each tyke its intrinsic appropriate to be a kid and appreciate a solid and glad adolescence, to address the underlying drivers that nullify the sound development and advancement of kids, and to stir the heart of the group in the more extensive societal setting to shield kids from all types of mishandle, while fortifying the family, society and the Nation.


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